Indian Taste

Chakhwi (Tripura)

Cuisine of Tripura - Aromas of northeast

Dabeli (Gujarat)

Dabeli, kutchi dabeli or double roti is a popular snack food of India, originating in the Kutch or Kachchh region of Gujarat

Litti Chokha (Bihar)

Litti, along with chokha, is a complete meal originated from the Indian subcontinent; and popular in Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh as well as Nepalese state of Madhesh.

Amritsari Kulcha (Punjab)

The Amritsari Kulcha & Amritsari Naan is well known throughout the world for its crunch and flavor.

Detox Smoothie

Pear Mango Green

Pear Mango Green Smoothie is hydrating along with smooth delicious flavor. Its a perfect energy drink and is made with real and organic ingredients.

Healthy Mango with Oats

Mango Oatmeal Smoothie will soon be you grab it on the go smoothie once you try it out.

Strawberry & Raspberry Mango

Cool off with refreshing Raspberry-Mango Smoothie. This frozen drink is packed with pick-me-up flavor and nutrients.

Skinny Orange Julius

Metabolism…. start your engine! This delicious Skinny Orange Julius Smoothie is packed full of metabolism boosting ingredients!

Healthy Chaat

Dry Fruit Chaat

Dry fruit chaat with hot chai during the rains is a perfect snack.

Grilled Fruit Chaat Bites

The classic combo of Fruits cheese and balsamic dressing gets a tasty twist–grill your fruit instead of slicing it raw.

Organic Sprouts Mix

Fibre Rich Diet

Corn and Pomegranate Chaat

It's slightly sweet, tangy and spicy - the perfect combination!